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Pepper Collective launches with Neil Rankin & Handley Amos

Salt, the leading partnership and experience agency specialising in food and drink, has just launched The Pepper Collective, which is headed by restaurateurs Neil Rankin and Handley Amos.

Unlike many traditional restaurant groups, The Pepper Collective will not only provide its partners with investment opportunities and financial backing, but crucially an expansive range of core expertise to realise each project to its full potential.

From concept development and location sourcing to marketing, staff training, design, quality control and F&B strategy, The Pepper Collective provides the fundamental operational backbone, as well as the creative insight needed to ensure a quality and sustainable business model for each and every partnership.

Salt’s CEO Andrew Fishwick said, “I could not be more thrilled to have brought together two legends of our industry to head up our new restaurant division.

'I have known Neil and Handley for years and they think like I do about the future of hospitality; we all know our sector is changing beyond recognition and we believe that by working with the best, by being at the vanguard of the new movement and by incorporating new ways of thinking, we can create a group that makes a difference.”