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Inn Collection stocks Lucky Saint to grow alcohol-free options beyond Dry Jan

As Dry January 2023 draws to a close, The Inn Collection Group has increased the options of alcohol-free choices available to its customers with the Newcastle-based pubco now a stockist of leading UK brand, Lucky Saint.

Available at the group’s Inns across the north of England and North Wales, the official beer of Alcohol Change UK’s campaign in 2023 is brewed in Bavaria using century old techniques to create a drink with maximum flavour.

Using four natural ingredients, Pilsner Malt, Hallertau Hops, spring water and a strain of yeast specially developed by the brewery, it takes six weeks from start to finish for the unfiltered lager to be ready.

Alcohol is removed by a process known as vacuum distillation, which protects from flavour distortions by reducing the evaporating point required to remove the alcohol.

With an ABV of 0.5%, purposely left in to create its signature flavour, Lucky Saint can be enjoyed in the knowledge that its alcohol content is equivalent to that found in a banana or a slice of bread.

An estimated one in six people are taking part in Dry January this year, with offering extra choice to customers becoming of increasing importance to The Inn Collection Group, with the company identifying this customer base as a key area in which to grow and welcome more people to eat, drink sleep and explore at its growing estate of Inns.

Vegan friendly, low in sugar and just 53 calories a bottle (or 90 calories a pint) the beverage is also well placed to help with a host of other New Year’s Resolutions embraced by customers of The Inn Collection Group.

Gary Turner, commercial manager, said, “The demand for quality alcohol-free options is growing in the sector and amongst that, is a want for products that fit with the social side of enjoying a pint in a pub.

“Lucky Saint is one of the best alcohol-free beers that I’ve come across for that with the right look, smell and of course taste all present and correct.

“It’s a drink that I think really allows any non-drinkers to enjoy a trip to the pub with family or friends by immersing them in the rest of the experience and I’d delighted that our Inns will now be stocking Lucky Saint.”