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Mackie’s launches world’s first haggis, neeps & tatties crisps

Adventurous crisp fans will be able to sample a world-first take on Scotland’s national dish after its makers secured listings throughout the country.

This week sees Mackie’s Crisps’ new haggis, neeps and tatties variety hit the shelves, the latest creation from a brand that has become synonymous with traditional Scottish flavours.

With a headline listing in all 96 Scottish branches of Sainsbury’s (Sally Taylor from Mackies pictured), the business hopes the evocative flavour will capture the nation’s imagination – and is targeting £100k in retail sales. It will also be available in the two largest budget supermarkets, Aldi and Lidl as well as Scotmid, and a number of independent stockists.

The flavour will only be available north of the border and – having produced a limited run of just 150,000 150g bags – will only be available while stocks last.

A limited run of 150,000 150g bags, the evocative end product is deeply reminiscent of the famous meal, with a comforting, light peppery flavour and Taylor-clan tartan packaging.

Using entirely natural flavourings and high oleic sunflower oil, the crisps are suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.

James Taylor, from the Perthshire-based business, is delighted with the flavour and hopes it resonates with the Scottish public. He said, “While we do push the boat out with exotic flavours, we do also like to look closer to home at some of the fantastic dishes from our heritage. Quite simply, there are none more iconic than our own national dish.

“We’re fiercely proud of our Scottish roots and so narrowed down to a number of options for a limited run. When it came to the taste tests, haggis, neeps and tatties emerged as the runaway favourite.”

Research on its new flavour started in earnest in 2018 during a new product development push, after establishing Burns Night as an opening to deliver a new patriotic flavour combination. Meticulous sampling sessions helped it to master the flavour of haggis, neeps and tatties, building on its popular haggis-based flavours.