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Patri opens third restaurant

London-based Indian restaurant group, Patri has opened the doors of its third outlet in Ealing, joining those in Northfields and Hammersmith,

Patri, which means train track, was founded by, Puneet Wadhwani, who also founded independent street food restaurant, Chai Naasto in Hammersmith. He has created snacks and dishes he once ate as a child growing up within a bicycle ride of New Delhi train station, and of those he remembers eating on board India’s great rail journeys.

Patri's menu delivers a mix of kebabs and meat dishes, alongside a good selection of vegan and vegetarian food.

Dishes include:
- Pantry Chicken Curry - a simple preparation of onions, tomatoes cooked fast and furious style inspired by the moving express trains and simmered with yoghurt, masalas and coriander.

- Chef's Special Thali of the Day - a complete meal as served on Indian Trains, Chef's Daily selection of Tandoori Starter, Chicken and Mutton Curries, Daal and Vegetable of the Day with Rice and Naan.

- Galawati Shammi Kebab - supreme meat mince is tenderised with raw papaya and mixed with a special spice mix and rose water to create soft pan fried patties. This dish was originally created in Lucknow for meat loving toothless emperor.