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Doner Shack launches new brand positioning to expand and attract a younger audience

Doner Shack, a street-food franchise concept inspired by Berlin, has introduced a new brand repositioning strategy to align with the company's transformation and future objectives. The primary aim is to appeal to a younger demographic and broaden the brand's appeal to a more mainstream audience, with a strong emphasis on the flavour of their food offerings.

As part of this transformation, Doner Shack has undergone a comprehensive overhaul, encompassing a fresh visual identity, an updated menu, and a strategic pricing structure. These changes are designed to resonate with a wider audience while also improving profit margins. The revamped brand now features a new logo and a redesigned store concept, characterized by a vibrant primary colour palette of red, white, and black, accentuated by the incorporation of a polaroid wall. This wall serves as a visual testament to the team's past trips to Berlin, reinforcing the brand's authenticity.

The rebranding initiative will be systematically implemented across all five Doner Shack locations in the UK, commencing with Glasgow in early September. Leeds, Manchester, London, and Leicester will follow suit, with all sites expected to complete the transformation by the end of the year. To enhance the overall customer experience and engagement, each location will also offer a range of Doner Shack merchandise, including items like baseball hats, t-shirts, and hoodies. Moreover, the brand is planning exciting collaborations with figures from the worlds of sports, gaming, and local artistry to create exclusive, brand-specific merchandise that will be readily available for purchase.

This strategic repositioning not only represents a change in branding but also a dynamic evolution geared towards attracting a younger audience and ensuring that the brand's flavourful offerings remain at the forefront of its appeal.

Sanjeev Sanghera, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Doner Shack said: “When we conceptualised our brand, we had one simple mission in mind – to become the number one kebab brand in the world. After five years of experimenting, researching and, most importantly, innovating, I think we have nailed it! Our fundamental principle has been, and always will be, to serve-up incredible tasting food; so with this brand repositioning, we aim to enhance and solidify our position within the QSR sector. Our customers are at the forefront of everything Doner Shack does and this strategy has already yielded great results – we increased our year-on-year sales by 37% in our Manchester store in June and July and 11% in Leeds. We have also decreased our cost of sales following some tough negotiations with suppliers, including a 25% reduction in cost of our supply chain, so our customers don’t have to bear this cost themselves.”

Nathan Holloway, the Brand Director at Doner Shack, has played a pivotal role in orchestrating the brand's new positioning strategy. With over eight years of experience working closely with the brand's board of directors, he has been instrumental in shaping the brand's transformation and future direction. His expertise and dedication have been integral to the successful implementation of the brand's fresh and appealing identity, aligning it with the aspirations of a younger demographic and emphasizing the delectable flavours that define Doner Shack's offerings. We've created a new visual identity for the brand to allow for simplicity in colour and shape. The new Doner Shack will be instantly recognisable, and with the branding more simplistic with a pattern that runs throughout, it will appeal to the Gen Z target market. Speed, efficiency and convenience are paramount to this audience, so we have made sure this is at the core of our brand revamp… not forgetting a touch of fun for our customers!”

Doner Shack has partnered with Studio Jim, an interior design service, to spearhead the redesign of the restaurant interiors. Founder Jim Butterell, a key figure in this creative collaboration, has shared his insights into the project.: “The new design draws inspiration from streetwear stores, sporting realms, pop-up retail spaces and summer festivals, creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere that captures the energy and style of a younger generation. We have blended modern aesthetics, bold colours and interactive elements to create a visually stimulating and functional space.'

“We’ve also incorporated cutting-edge technology like digital screens and self-ordering menus with the aim to forge a deeper connection with young customers and provide a quick and enjoyable dining experience.”

Sanjeev added: “I’m thrilled to share Doner Shack’s rebrand and revised menu, where we have created a fun, approachable and refreshing environment for kebab and chicken lovers. With the introduction of a wider product set that offers morning, lunch and evening options, including new loaded fries, waffles and incredible tasting sliders that start from only £4, we are able to present our customers with value - both in the form of price point and with the high-quality, made-to-order food that Doner Shack does so well. I believe this positions us well to make our mark as a top-quality QSR brand. Exciting prospects lie ahead for Doner Shack as we strive to raise the game and create an atmosphere and space that matches the quality of our products. It's safe to say we're on the right track.”

Doner Shack has ambitious expansion plans on the horizon. They intend to open seven new sites within the next year, extending their footprint and presence. Additionally, the brand aims to establish up to four delivery kitchens in each of its existing locations. These strategic moves underscore their commitment to broadening their customer reach and catering to the growing demand for their offerings.