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Délifrance launches Smart Guide to help food operators do more with less

Leading baked goods manufacturer, Délifrance, today announced the launch of a new guide aimed at helping business partners overcome the four main challenges facing the foodservice industry right now. With recommendations and insight addressing price inflation, staffing constraints, standing out and social responsibility, 'Smart Guide: Time Saving & Low Budget Service Solutions' is packed with timely advice to help food operators do more with less while staying one step ahead of the competition.

Délifrance researched over forty foodservice customers across six European countries to understand how best to support their businesses and used the findings to create the ‘Smart Guide’. Packed with 'recipes for success', this is aimed at helping operators drive sales and enhance customer experience through pricing, menu optimisation and waste reduction.

Rising inflation means many consumers are eating OOH less and average spend decreasing. Rather than increasing prices or using lower quality ingredients, the 'Smart Guide' includes recommendations for smart portions and meal deals, with recipes for small yet appealing light bites and snacks that meet tighter budgets.

With more consumers concerned about their carbon footprint, the 'Smart Guide' provides examples of streamlined menus with seasonal products catering for both budget and customer expectation.

To address difficulties recruiting experienced kitchen staff, the 'Smart Guide' includes recipes for appealing, affordable dishes that are simple for less skilled staff to recreate.
Increasing competition is making it harder for operators to entice customers, but research shows that those still spending are seeking exciting dining experiences. With this in mind, Délifrance chef, Lucas, has created tantalising, Instagrammable dishes ranging from vegetable tatin—a winner with plant-based diners—to a deliciously indulgent apple and pear tart.

Stéphanie Brillouet, Délifrance marketing director said: 'Although the foodservice sector is showing strong signs of recovery following the pandemic, operators are now facing a new set of difficulties. We wanted to know what we could do at Délifrance to make life that little bit easier for customers.”

'We've done the research and they shared with us the top issues they're struggling with right now. And we're pleased to share our expertise in this guide full of mouth-watering recipes, actionable tips and low-cost solutions to help partners weather the storm over the coming year.'