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The Real Junk Food Project opens cafe to feed those in need from food donations

Fully qualified chef, Adam Smith is the creator/founder of a charitable movement called 'The Real Junk Food Project which has just opened a cafe in Leeds. This cost-free concept is basic and relies on charitable donations of waste food produce to feed those who are facing financial hardship and the homeless.

The aim is to intercept all waste food produce and utilise it to feed those that need it the most. Smith and his team of volunteers also aim to educate those that wish to understand the effects that waste food has on the environment and our health.

Smith states on his Facebook page that every year 1.3billion tonnes of edible food produce is wasted either by feeding it to livestock on farms, being thrown away due to strict 'use-by' and 'best-before' dates, or because it is rejected by supermarkets due to it not fitting strict criteria.

He adds that 925 million people or 13.6% of the worlds population is officially classed as malnourished, starving or food insecure and the numbers are rising. Over 100 million people are officially homeless. This means that for every 1 person starving and/or homeless, there is 1 tonne of food available to them, per year, through wastage.