Dr Oetker Professional delivers pizza guide for operators

Dr. Oetker Professional has launched a guide to the out-of-home pizza market, to help operators unlock the profit potential of a booming £4.9bn market.

The study showed that 60% of Brits buy pizza as a weeknight dinner option and this pizza culture is extending to out-of-home too.

Pizza is now the fastest growing dish out-of-home and one of the top three UK menu items. 29% of pizza purchases are made by 35 to 49-year-olds, followed by 27% 25 to 34-year-olds, 23% by the over 50s, and 21% by 18 to 24-year-olds.

Eating out
Despite heavy competition, the top performing casual dining brands have a pizza focus, with Pizza Express taking the top spot.

From Franco Manca to Homeslice, independent pizza chains are giving the groups a run for their money, with the market predicting a +25% growth this year alone. Whether it’s sourdough bases, traditional Neapolitan recipes or pizza and drink pairings their unique offerings are putting them on the map and driving the pizza category.

When it comes to pizza experience, Pizza Hut has the most positive associations (83%), followed by Pizza Express leading with value for money and range. The most exciting aspects of these restaurants are: Menu (41%), choice of toppings (37%) and atmosphere (28%).

With pizza eaten on 23% of all casual dining visits, more and more pubs are turning to a pint and a slice to boost their appeal with diners and keep up with the market. In fact, pizza occasions in pubs have doubled over the past two years to 19m.

Takeaway & delivery market
In the last decade the takeaway delivery market has grown to be worth a staggering £4.2bn. Pizza delivery makes up half of that and is worth an estimated £2.1bn.

Bases & toppings
The most populat pizza base and style is Thin & Crispy, followed by Italian, Stuffed Crust, Deep Pan, American, and Hand Stretched.

When it comes to toppings, 27% of younger diners don’t think there are enough options – the consumer group that eats pizza the most.

Consumer interest in new and exciting toppings include veganism, brunch, spice and global flavours. Pizza lends itself perfectly to a variety of world flavours and as consumers become more adventurous in their tastes, operators can get creative and tap into the top food trends to boost profits.

Richard Cooper, Senior Brand Manager, Dr Oetker Professional (UK), said, “There’s a real pizza culture developing in the UK. Pizza is fast becoming the new menu classic and its versatility is helping operators across the out of home market drive profits.

'As the go to pizza experts we wanted to create a helpful guide that shares our knowledge and passion for authentic pizza experiences. We hope that by providing insight, inspiration and advice, others can create a profitable pizza solution for their operation.

“Dr Oetker Professional is proud to work closely with operators across the foodservice industry. We know pizza and how it can work for businesses.

'Helping our customers make the most of quieter day parts, widen their consumer base, as well as use the biggest trends shaping the market to enhance their offering. This report brings all this experience together, in one definitive guide.”

A leading family pizza and baking business, Dr Oetker was founded in 1891 and has a dedicated professional range which includes the Raw Dough Pizza Base that can be customised with signature ingredients and the nation’s favourite Chicago Town Pizzas.

The go to pizza experts offers the best choice, highest quality products and first class service – all backed with 100 years of expertise.

The full report is available to download at www.oetker-professional.co.uk