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Magic Rock launches mini casks for fresh pints at home

Huddersfield-based craft brewer Magic Rock is launching a variety of mini casks for consumers to enjoy a freshly poured pint at home.

Available from the brewery’s e-shop in limited edition 250 cask releases, the scheme has already caused excitement amongst beer lovers with last week’s batch selling out in just half an hour.

Magic Rock closed its popular taprooms in Huddersfield and Holmfirth at the end of March in line with the UK lockdown, and is now using nine gallon firkins, which would usually have been on tap at the two venues and may otherwise have gone to waste, to create these limited-edition mini casks.

Starting from £20, each mini cask is filled with five litres (just under nine pints) of beer, with the range including Magic Rock’s core range such as familiar favourites Dark Arts, Ringmaster and High Wire.

Co-founder and managing director, Richard Burhouse, said, “I’m personally a big fan of cask beer, so I’m really excited to be able to release these limited-edition mini casks for Magic Rock fans.

'The cask format allows us to provide drinkers with fantastic quality beer and replicate at home, the freshly poured pint that we’re all missing in the absence of pubs and bars being open.”

The mini casks will be available each Tuesday at 2pm from www.magicrockbrewing.com/shop. Fans of the brand who are mailing list subscribers will also be given a head start with a 15-minute queue jump to get their hands a mini cask, before they go on sale to the general public.