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Ibrahim Dogus, the chair of the British Takeaway Campaign, has commented on the effect of the renewed lockdown restrictions - the 10pm curfew from tonight - on the sector in England.

Dogus said, “Restaurants and takeaway businesses have played a crucial role in keeping the nation fed during this pandemic. Just as they showed themselves to be highly adaptable in the Spring, businesses will have to adapt once more to these latest measures.'

Delivery services will still be allowed to operate and drive-thru services will also be exempt. The Government guidance stated, “Businesses and venues selling food for consumption off the premises, can continue to do so as long as this is through delivery service or drive-thru.”

Dogus continued, “With many takeaway outlets embracing delivery too, we can just about stomach an enforced 10pm closure, but it will take a toll especially as we are facing these restrictions for the whole of the winter.

“This underlines why we need continued support for the sector, not just extending the VAT cut and business rates holiday, but also support for jobs to help the hard-working entrepreneurs who are leading these restaurants to protect as many jobs as possible.”

In Scotland, the same restrictions apply to takeaways but from tomorrow, Friday 25 September, and food deliveries will be allowed to continue.

The Welsh guidance also includes supermakets and off licences, with stores forbidden to sell alcohol after 10pm. Otherwise, the curfew rules exactly match England’s – including the exemption for delivery services – and come into effect today.

Northern Ireland is yet to announce curfew rules.

(source: BTC, image: pexels)