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Costa launches two new milk options today

From today, Costa Coffee will offer seven milk variants in its impressive portfolio – giving customers one of the broadest coffee personalisation choices on the UK high street.

Lactofree Milk and Almond Drink are now available nationwide, offering customers with a range of dietary and taste preferences even more choice and ways to enjoy their coffee.

To celebrate the new drink options, Costa Coffee has launched a special, limited-edition hot drink for January; the Vanilla Latte. The winter warmer is packed full of flavour and will be available in Coconut, Almond and Lactofree from today.

Costa Coffee’s announcement comes as consumer demand for vegan options and ‘free-from’ products reaches an all-time high. Research reveals over a quarter of Brits now consider themselves to be Flexitarian, and one in three regularly choose plant-based alternatives when they’re dining out, whilst two in three customers in the UK think coffee shops should have more than one plant-based drink choice on the menu.

Eating healthily after a Christmas of excess is one of the nation’s most common new year’s resolutions, coupled with a focus on sugar and calories, means it’s more important than ever for retailers to provide customers with low calorie and low sugar options which don’t compromise on taste.

Always at the forefront of innovation and customer trends, Costa Coffee has successfully lowered calorie content of its drinks in line with Public Health England, and is the only coffee brand in the UK to introduce Lactofree to its menu.

The introduction of Costa’s new Lactofree Milk is a great choice for those requiring an easy to digest option and looking to watch their waistline, with a similar calorie count to skimmed milk. In addition, the Almond Drink is perfect for those seeking a tasty, plant-based alternative to kick off the new year.

‘Veganuary’ has just kicked off and if the whopping 183% increase in adopters last year is anything to go by, it’s set to be bigger than ever this month. January marks one year since the introduction of the hugely popular Coconut Drink to Costa’s menu, this, together with the new Almond Drink, is great news for the thousands of Brits going vegan this year.

Costa Coffee’s new Almond Drink offers a delicate almond taste and smooth creamy texture. The fresh Lactofree Milk provides a smooth finish with a subtle flavour that has been crafted to let the richness of the coffee come through.

Russell Braterman, Innovations Director at Costa Coffee, said, “We know our customers want more choice when it comes to coffee customisation and have witnessed a growing demand for ‘free-from’ and vegan options.

'Given the popularity of the Coconut alternative drink, which we introduced last year, our Lactofree and Almond options are the next logical step. Our seven-strong-range means we can now cater to our customers unique preferences, without compromising on the great taste they love.’’

Costa Coffee provides customers with the option to tailor their coffee choice by offering seven milk and milk alternatives; Whole Milk, Semi-Skimmed Milk, Skimmed Milk, Soya, Coconut, Almond Drink and Lactofree Semi-Skimmed Milk.

Costa’s limited edition Vanilla Latte will be available for the month of January in a choice of Coconut, Almond and Lactofree options for £2.95. The new Lactofree Milk and Almond Drink choices will be available from 3 January 2019 in the core range of drinks.