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Sugoi JPN rolls up in the East End

Sugoi JPN food truck has pulled up in the courtyard of Mother Kelly’s in East London's Bethnal Green to serve up NoriTacos.

From husband and wife team, Felipe Preece and Veronica Silva, a NoriTaco is a crispy seaweed tempura shell shaped like a taco and packed with and sushi rice and Japanese-Latin toppings - the recipe remains a secret.

The NoriTaco took the pair over a year to develop with extreme attention devoted to achieving key product deliverables; maintaining the crunch without cracking, standing upright holding fillings in place and maintaining texture while being filled with wet ingredients to allow at least 40 minutes travel time for delivery.

The NoriTaco comes in seven varieties including Señor Crab (Tempura fried soft shell crab, lamb lettuce, sesame seeds, aonori, chive, coriander, shichimi togarashi and spicy mayo), Chapulín (chicken teriyaki, mixed vegetables, sour cream and sesame seeds), and Chingón (tuna, salmon, pico e gallo (tomato, red onion, coriander and lime), kimchee, lettuce, chive and sesame seeds).

Additional dishes include Gyoza Chingonas, Yuca Fries, Takoyaki, and Chicekn Karaage.

Preece said, “We wanted to be different and create something unique and fun that captures and combines the craziness of Latin American spirit as well as the precision and skill of Japanese cuisine with the imagination of Piss Alley; the heart of street food in Tokyo. Sugoi means cool and that is exactly what the NoriTaco is.”