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UKH urges Scottish Government to stick to Level 0 move by 28 June

UKHospitality Scotland is today calling on the Scottish Government to stick to the timeframe in its Strategic Framework and move to Level 0 by 28 June. If not, it must urgently consider further financial support for hospitality businesses still facing crippling restrictions.

This appeal comes as the UK Government is set to announce a delay to the removal of all restrictions in England by 21 June.

Executive Director of UKHospitality, Scotland Leon Thompson (pictured) said, “It is vital that the Scottish Government understands how important it is to achieve Level 0 by the date of 28 June. Progress to remove restrictions will help hospitality businesses continue to move to improved trading and back towards viability.

“Hospitality businesses may look busy, but most continue to trade at a loss adding to the debt burden built up over 15 months of closure and restricted opening. This week the First Minister must provide a clear and certain message that Scotland is still on track to reach Level 0 by 28 June. This will provide confidence to a sector that has borne the economic brunt of the pandemic.”

Many businesses remain closed at Level 2 and others, including night clubs, will not even be able to open at Level 0. UKHospitality Scotland is also calling for an announcement on the details on what life will look like after Level 0, as well as the review of physical distancing that had been promised for 7 June.

Thompson continued, “Level 0 is not the end and there will still be significant restrictions on hospitality. Without details of what happens after Level 0 and the physical distancing review, businesses cannot begin to plan for the future.

“Ultimately hospitality needs the removal of all restrictions as quickly as possible. In the absence of this the Scottish Government must urgently consider what financial support it will provide to support hospitality businesses.”