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Newby wins 14 awards at Global Tea Championship

Newby Teas is celebrating yet more success after winning 14 new awards at the prestigious 2019 Global Tea Championship, confirming its title as the most awarded international tea brand with a total of 143 accolades to date.

Winning 25% of the total awards at this year’s competition in Boulder, Colorado, USA, Newby has been recognised by the Global Tea Championship for the quality and taste of its superior teas across a variety of categories including a few exciting line extensions that will be launching in 2019.

The Global Tea Championship is an independent competition judged by highly reputed tea masters who evaluate the product purely on character, taste, and aftertaste, regardless of packaging or leaf apperance.

The company prides itself on delivering a luxury brand and the best teas available globally. Newby uses the highest standards of hygiene for its packaging, product selection, and conducive atmosphere for storing prior to packaging.

No other tea brand, locally or internationally, has the same rigorous standards, placing Newby at the forefront of the luxury tea industry.

Newby teas are selected by tea masters who are extensively trained in the art of fine tea making, from harvesting through to production and packaging, and whose knowledge is unrivalled in the industry.

Aneta Aslakhanova, Global Marketing Director, said, “We are delighted with the incredible results at the Global Tea Championship, and the recognition from the judges as an outstanding international tea brand. It’s a wonderful achievement and testament to the dedication of the entire Newby team in providing an unrivalled tea experience to our customers.”

Newby is the only tea company in the world whose profits are totally dedicated to charity - the sole benefactor of Newby is the British registered charity, N. Sethia Foundation. The foundation supports concepts of preservation, medical research, academic education, autism, and disaster relief.

The full list of awarded products are as follows:
Jasmine Princess Silken Pyramids
Loose Leaf Jasmine Pearls
Hunan Green Silken Pyramids
English Breakfast Classic Tea Bags
Loose Leaf Earl Green
Rare Assam Gourmet Caddy
Loose Leaf Earl Grey
Supreme Jasmine Gourmet Caddy
Moroccan Mint Heritage Carton
Exotic Earl Grey Black
Maharaja’s Breakfast
Star Ruby
Jasmine Rose Garden
Exotic Earl Grey