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Holiday Inn Preston partnership with Dr Oetker pizza boosts sales

Holiday Inn Preston has reported significant improvements in sales, customer satisfaction and waste since onboarding Dr Oetker’s new authentic Italian-style pizza, offering Pizza Perfettissima, back in October 2022.

As part of an IHG trial, Holiday Inn in Preston began stocking the new premium pizza range to add a higher quality pizza offering to its menu without compromising on back of house simplicity.

Since the partnership began, the hotel has recorded an incremental rise in sales, with Pizza Perfettissima quickly becoming one of the top 3 menu items.

Presented to customers on a serving board with a pizza cutter, the artisanal look and taste has sold itself to customers and given the hotel reassurance they are delivering a deliciously authentic pizza experience to guests.

Pizza Perfettissima is easily customisable and made from extra-long-fermented dough, prebaked in a stone oven for a deliciously soft texture and rustic handmade appearance. The journey from frozen to ready-to-serve takes only up to 8 minutes, perfect for serving to time-short hotel guests and promising to maximise food sales.

Currently Holiday Inn serve Margherita and Salame flavours but have ongoing discussions towards onboarding more flavour options.

Michelle Lonsdale, General Manager, commented, “We have tried so many pizza options on our menu, but none have been quite the right fit.

“We know Dr. Oetker is a high-quality brand, and this really shows with the quality of the toppings, the look and feel of the Pizza Perfettissima range. It really does have the wow factor compared to other pizzas and looks like an authentic pizza oven pizza!

“The range is quick and easy to prepare so we have happy staff in our kitchens who are proud of the product they serve. Plus, our customers love it, and we’ve seen an increase in spend per head, had zero complaints and are reducing waste.”

Senior Brand Manager at Dr. Oetker Professional, Richard Cooper, noted, “Since launching Pizza Perfettissima with Holiday Inn we have had nothing but positive feedback and it is great to see both customers and team loving our new delicious pizzas, as well as helping the business grow their food sales.

“We’re happy to be able to provide Holiday Inn with a great pizza experience hailed by both staff for its quick preparation and cooking time and with customers, thanks to its premium look and delicious taste.”