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Neat Burger announces closure of four locations in London

Neat Burger, the plant-based fast-food chain, has officially announced the closure of four locations in London, citing a decline in foot traffic as the primary reason.

Established in 2019 by Tommaso Chiabra, Neat Burger is a brand supported by racing driver Lewis Hamilton and actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

In 2019, Neat Burger opened its initial location in Mayfair, London, and subsequently expanded to encompass a total of eight restaurants throughout the capital.

The closures of Neat Burger's Liverpool Street, Canary Wharf, Oxford Street, and Westfield Stratford locations are anticipated to take place before Christmas.

According to a spokesperson for the chain, the decision to close these locations was prompted by a 'shift towards hybrid-work leading to a natural decrease in footfall at some of our larger restaurants'.

'We are concentrating our efforts on our best performing restaurants, refining our menu, and supporting our partnership with Deliveroo which has recently enabled us to double our delivery radius across the city,' they added.

Emphasising that the closures are a strategic move within their broader expansion plan, Neat Burger underscores a shift toward smaller stores across various cities. Despite the closures, the business has recently expanded with the opening of its first restaurant in Milan this month. Additionally, Neat Burger maintains a presence in New York and Dubai.